Our advantages

Relationships with our clients have been based on proper and good quality support over many years responding to their requests. The fact that major number of banks has been cooperating with Bamcard for more than fifteen years speaks in favour of that.

We have been trying to create a service with innovative solutions, which will promote our clients’ business and contribute their satisfaction in that context we underline our advantages: 

  • Connection among banks with local pay scheme - domestic Clearing and Settlement,
  • Dividing infrastructure and implementation of centralized services which require lower investment expenses for individual banks – ATM sharing/BH ATM network ,
  • Lower expenses of business processes and more suitable prices,
  • Local market presence,
  • Swift service response and reaction to clients requests,
  • Flexible and client orientated,
  • Professional and motivated personnel.


Advantages of Bamcard services are first of all in possibility of dividing infrastructure and Bamcard local pay scheme, which is independent from platforms of international card institutions, with banks in local market which also use services of Bamcard.