About us

Bamcard d.d. Sarajevo is a company with share capital, established in 1999 by several banks present in Bosnia and Herzegovina market. The purpose of establishing it is coordinated project and development of common infrastructure for contemporary bank cards business.

Bamcard processing centre is equipped with a complete technology for processing debit and credit cards issued by local and foreign banks. Bamcard as a Processor of a third party has provided for all banks what each of them should have provided individually (programme and machine equipment, premise, infrastructure, expert personnel, ...), switching enables connection for great number of banks by sending EFT messages. A system of net settlement has been established with Central Bank BiH for clearing and settlement of local transactions among BiH banks.

Bamcard d.d. Sarajevo holds the card licence, the first and unique local debit and credit card processed by first local Processing centre for card business.

Bamcard supports card business in the following segments:

  • Mastercard, Visa & Bamcard Issuing (EMV, magstripe)
  • Mastercard, Visa & Bamcard Acquiring (EMV, magstripe)
  • Card Personalisation  (EMV, magstripe)
  • Monitoring ATM and POS network
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Print and convert (statement, account, information, and advertising material)
  • Monthly and quarterly statistics and compiling reports for clients
  • Call centre (outgoing and incoming call action, outgoing and incoming SMS action)


Our certain advantage is that we are available 24 hours in 365 days in a year. Data confidentiality and their protection has been our job for more than fifteen years.